Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice {Mission Newborn Photography}

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  These dear friends of ours were absolutely delighted to add another girl to their family!  With 3 boys and one girl already, there was no telling what they would get this time and they were thrilled that there would be more pink around.

Great newborn photography in Vancouver, BCLittle Ilisa was as sweet as sweet could be.  She just slept while I moved her from pose to pose, set up to set up, without so much as a peep (this was I’m sure, in no small part due to the sauna we had the house set at! – but hey, as long as baby is happy, it’s all worth it :) ).  She was such a treat to photograph and my heart was happy.

Samantha Chapman Photography NewbornsBest Mission newborn photographer Samantha Chapman PhotographyIf there’s one thing I’ve noticed after having 4 children of my own, it’s that babies seem to get more and more mellow as you keep having them (*disclaimer: individual results may vary!).  This theory certainly seemed to hold true with Ilisa.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a more mellow baby though an entire shoot – this girl just rolls with the punches!

Darling sister Bella was beyond thrilled to actually have her very own sister.  She wanted to be a part of everything to do with her – cuddling, soothing, feeding, holding – whatever she was permitted to do.  She is going to make such an amazing big sister (I know this because she already is one to her younger brother!) and it will be so neat to see these two girls grow up together and develop a bond that only sisters can understand.

Mission family photographer Samantha ChapmanIt’s already obvious that her brothers are not to be outdone, and that they will jump at the chance to come to their sister’s aid whenever necessary.  These are lucky little girls, I tell you!

Best family photography by Samantha Chapman PhotographyHmm, I wonder what intriguing tale she was reciting here?!  Whatever it was, she’s captivated her eldest brother’s undivided attention :)

Mauricio and Crystal are some of the world’s most remarkable people.  They will quite literally give you the shirts off their back, and whatever else they are able to, and the world is a better place because of them.  Their love and generosity are certainly not lost on their children, either.  These five boys and girls have a rich life ahead of them, filled with love and laughter.

Newborn photography in Vancouver, BCBest Mission newborn photographer Samantha Chapman PhotographyNot much is more precious than a daddy’s adoration of his little girl.  This image melts my heart.

Thank you so much for letting me come and play with your little dolly princess!

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About this Vancouver, BC photographer: Samantha Chapman is a lifestyle photographer living in beautiful Maple Ridge, BC. She offers the following services: family, maternity, and newborn photography. She will travel as far as West Vancouver and Richmond for sessions. Call 778-228-7267 to see if she’s the right photographer for you!


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