Newborn Photos – Posed vs Lifestyle

Let me start off by saying there is no wrong way to shoot a newborn session.  The goal of these images is to capture the tiny sweetness that is a new baby, and no matter what style of session you choose to do, the results will be astoundingly precious.Tiny-baby-toes

With that said, there are two ways that photographers approach newborn sessions – posed and lifestyle.  Posed sessions are exactly what they imply – a baby that is posed into various positions and props to achieve the Anne Geddes type photos that are so adorable. posed-newborn-baby This type of session often moves very slowly, as babies have to be ever so delicately moved and molded into the desired position for each shot, all hopefully without waking them from their deep slumber.  This is also why a posed newborn session can usually only be done until baby is about 14 days old – after that they start to lose their in-the-womb “moldability”, and they also tend to not be quite as sleepy when you’re trying to pose them in different positions.baby-girl-posed-in-basket

That certainly doesn’t mean that after 14 days you can’t get any endearing newborn images, though!  This is where lifestyle sessions come in.  These sessions are more about capturing baby in their everyday element, surrounded by the people that love them.  The look of pride in a daddy’s eyes, the peace that surrounds a mother as she holds the precious bundle she’s been waiting so long to meet, the excitement of an older sibling showing off their new baby.  These photos are equally as precious as posed ones, they just have a different feel to them. baby-girl-talking-to-big-brother

Some photographers gravitate solely to one type of these sessions or the other, and others (like me) offer sessions that are a combination of both.  I like to create images where people ooh and aah over baby’s cuteness, as well as ones that stir up feelings of overwhelming love and tenderness in those that view them.Daddy and His New Baby Girl

Whichever type of newborn photography you prefer, make sure you are communicating clearly with your photographer long before your session date so that you can both be clear what the goals and expectations of the session are.  Ultimately a photographer’s job is to create memories that you will love and cherish forever, so it is important that everyone is on the same page before the session begins.

Which type of newborn photos do you gravitate more towards?  Leave your answer in the comments at the bottom of this post!


About this Vancouver newborn photographer: Samantha is a Vancouver, BC area photographer and lives in Maple Ridge.  She offers the following services: maternity, newborn, and family photography.  She will travel as far as West Vancouver and Richmond for on-location sessions.






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